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Time for a Re-Think?

We share the vision of a “Living Network”, a state of collaborating and connecting. Look how well this corresponds to a “Living Future” as discussed in climate debate by e.g. Paul Hawken, author of the book “Ecology of Commerce”. As we cannot change the rules of nature we need to invent and operate in accordance to life acknowledging that life’s primary method of getting things done is collaboration. To think and act differently in collaboration is exactly what we decided to do during the “Twenty-Thirtynine Digital Exploration Week”.

Time and Admission

From 5th to 9th of May, 2014, we will breakout from the known, stop time and change agenda of our courses. On all MHMK and Macromedia Academy campus of all study programs across Germany we will work in interdisciplinary project groups to shine a light on how digitisation will change our life in 2039.

Background: The 25 Years Jubilee of World Wide Web

In March 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web, the starting point of radical change in most areas of our lives driven by digitisation – with tremendous impacts on private relationships, economic, political and cultural systems.

Idea: Envision the next 25 years

We want to call these changes to mind and gaze into the digital future. What’s already changing fast? What didn’t change yet, or not enough? What still needs to change? What will change the next 25 years? What do you personally expect in 2039? What changes would you consider ground-breaking?

Next Step: Defining Themes

We invite you to either add and announce your ideas at the Macromedia Portal or to enroll in one of the existing projects.

Macromedia Future Award

All projects will take part in the Macromedia Future Award. We welcome participants and external visitors to vote, comment and share results. Mobilize your friends or colleagues during the voting: An expert jury will select several winners. The categories are: best vision (1.000 Euro prize money), best visualization, best video-clip, best story/concept, best mixed media project, best games/interaction project (400 Euro prize money for each category). The “Audience Award” (2.039 Euro prize money)will be decided upon highest number of positive public votes. The winners will be announced by end of June 2014.

Advisory Service

On each campus we have selected the following members of the faculty as local coordinators. They are happy to provide further information and support:

Campus Berlin: Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck, B.Kleinselbeck@mhmk.org
Campus Hamburg: Prof. Dr. Philipp Riehm, P.Riehm@mhmk.org
Campus Cologne: Prof. Ute Hilgers-Yilmaz, U.Hilgers@macromedia.de
Campus Munich / Osnabrück: Prof. Dr. Jan Kirenz, J.Kirenz@macromedia.de
Campus Stuttgart: Prof. Holger Schunk, H.Schunk@mhmk.org

Dear students, we are looking forward to this great inspiring and collaborative experience. We are excited about your visions for the year 2039. The „Twenty-Thirtynine Digital Exploration Week” is aiming at educating our today’s students to have a future generation that is more prepared and responsive of such changes in private and working life, thereby developing a digital-open generation.