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Step by Step, how to vote?
Step 1: Choose project you like from homepage or list and open project page (link sample).

Step 2. Click VOTE button.

Step 3. Enter your name and email, select check-box and press submit.

Step 4. Go to your email account and click on link to confirm your email.

Step 5. Vote is done. Email address cannot be used again for voting.

How long will the voting phase last?
Public voting is open from 20 May to 8 June, 2014, inclusively.

How many votes do I have? 

Each user has one vote.

I have voted but my vote does not count?
Go to email account used for voting, open confirmation email, verify your email address by clicking provided link. After this your vote will be counted.

See screenshot of confirmation mail: 


Who has the right to vote?
Every visitor on our platform has the right to vote once.

May I invite my family, friends or colleagues to vote?
External visitors are warmly invited to participate in the voting. Feel free to mobilize your friends, family and colleagues by spreading the URL of your favorite project.

Why do I need to give an email address and confirm?
By sending your selection, you have taken the first step in playing an active role in the voting phase. However, you need to prove it’s yours, thereby verifying email address is existing. This makes you an active voter.

Selection of Themes or Campuses doesn’t seem t work what shall I do?
Please try to clear cache if you have used the web site previously. This is especially recommended if you use Google Chrome. You might have to restart browser.

How will my project be evaluated?
Competition has specific jury and written rules. MHMK staff and the brand partners will review all concepts and projects in order to award the one they find the best and with most potential. Thus, make sure to read the rules thoroughly.

What could be possible reasons for my project not being accepted?
First of all, your project need to obey the rules and requirements of the contest. If your project has been rejected, and you would still want to find out what your mistakes were, you can contact our contest manager.

How do I get notice in case my projects wins?
Our competition manager will contact the winners individually. Each winning contest will be flagged on the website with a “winner” icon.

Please let us know if there are any further problems. We need your name, email address, a description and screenshots of problem.

Contact: support2039@macromedia.de