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Katrin Baumann / Adobe Systems GmbH / Head of Marketing Central , Eastern Europe & Emerging Markets

Katrin Baumann is an international marketeer specialized in online and social media. She works for Adobe Systems since 17 years, realizing the digital transformation of the US software giant in the European market. Between 1997 and 2011 Katrin Baumann coordinated marketing activities for Adobe’s core business „Digital Media Solutions“ in various management positions, contributing substantially to Adobe’s leadership in the business and education market.

In 2011 Katrin Baumann was assigned Head of Marketing Central & Eastern Europe,  the responsibility for Emerging Markets was added in 2012. In this period she was in charge of the successful launch of the new model “Creative Cloud” with high requirements on customer advocacy and social media management.

With her deep insights into digital business and digital marketing communications, Katrin Baumann is a great member of the Corporate Jury for the Macromedia Future Award. We are very much looking forward to competent judgements!



Götz Gumpert / Alpensektor – Agentur für Event- und Medienkommunikation / Managing Director

Since 2012 Götz Gumpert is managing director of Alpensektor, the inhouse agency for live- and media-communications at the engineering and services group Bilfinger. Being a full-service-agency Alpensektor complements the services offered by Bilfinger HSG Facility Management by designing its client’s communication channels, putting corporate projects to live and generating lasting impressions in the areas of Event, Design, Foto, Film, Text and Media Technologies.

Götz Gumpert is trained as photographer and media designer. He studied Communications (Rhethorik) at Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen and Media Sciences at Friedrich Wilhelm University in Bonn. Until 2012 Götz Gumpert worked as a research assistant and program manager at the Institute for Linguistics, Media Sciences and Musicology (ISMM) in Bonn. Besides his academic career  Götz Gumpert persued a second career as TV and photo-journalist – from 1999 to 2012 mainly from war and conflict ridden zones. Since 2001 he is an accredited photographer for the German Press Agency dpa. After 2000 Götz Gumpert shifted his professional focus to live-broadcasting, live-production and event management. He co-founded Foucaultplus UG in 2011, an agency helping companies to make better and more sustainable use of their media archives.

The power of images is at the core of Götz Gumperts activities. He is an expert for the variety of options that were created by digital revolution and diversification of media channels – and he is therefore extremely familiar with the topic of the Macromedia Future Award. We are very happy about his commitment to serve as a member of the Corporate Jury and are looking forward to his judgements.



Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Hintermaier / BMW Fahrzeugerlebnismodelle / Project Leader

At BMW Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Hintermaier is responsible for designing „BMW Fahrzeugerlebnismodelle (BMW Driving Experience Models). In this capacity he supervises the development of Driving Experience Models as well as the associated design-technology-convergence and is responsible for the creative process necessary for identifying vehicle innovations.

Following his initial assignments in the controlling department Wolfgang Hintermaier worked for BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH (Research and Development) as well as for BMW Driver Assistance Systems in Munich. In his role as a senior-system-architect he provided new impetus for the development und prototypical implementation of the IP / Ethernet based system architecture for automotive applications. When managing the project “Kundenfunktionen der Zukunft” (Future Customer Functions) he had to systematically explore future prospects in user behavior the same way as was required by the Macromedia Students. After being trained as a communication electronics engineer at Siemens AG Wolfgang Hintermaier studied electrical engineering at Technische Universität München  and received an MBA from the Collége des Ingénieurs in Paris. In 2011 he graduated with a PhD from Technische Universität München. Wolfgang Hintermaier holds patents for technologies he developed and published a number of scientific articles.

We are very pleased that Wolfgang Hintermaier joined the Corporate Jury of Macromedia Future Award and we are very much looking forward to his competent assessments on the future visions of our students.





Prof. Silvia Barta / Professor Media and Communication Design / Track Media Design / Macromedia University Hamburg

Prof. Matthias Gülzow/ Professor Media Management / Track Music Management / Macromedia University Berlin

Prof. Ute Hilgers-Yilmaz / Professor Media and Communication Design / Track Media Design / Macromedia University Cologne

Prof. Dr. Marcus S. Kleiner / Professor Media Management / Track Live Entertainment / Macromedia University Stuttgart

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Kleinselbeck / Professor Media Management / Track Brand Management and Advertising / Macromedia University Berlin

Prof. Dr. Dr. Castulus Kolo / Dean / Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research / Macromedia University Munich

Prof. Dr. Philipp Riehm / Professor Media Management / Track Digital Media Management / Macromedia University Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Guido Schafmeister / Professor Media Management / Track Sports and Event Management / Macromedia University Munich

Albrecht Schulze / Manager Academy / Macromedia Academy Osnabrück

Prof. Dr. Ralf Spiller / Professor Media Management / Track PR and Communication Management / Macromedia University Cologne


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