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1. Conditions of participation

Only enrolled students, apprentices, faculty members (including external lecturers) and employees of Macromedia University of Applied Sciences can participate in the competition.

The competition theme is “2039 – the next 25 years”: how will digitisation change our lives?

In order to be published at the website www.macromedia-future-award.com, projects must be presented in accordance to the terms described in section 5 of this regulation.


2. Deadline, conditions and general terms

Projects must be submitted online at the website www.macromedia-future-award.com, no later than May 10th, 2014 (12:00 noon). The date of submission is final.

After pre-selection, projects will be published on the website www.macromedia-future-award.com.

Incomplete projects, which do not meet the requirements, contain wrong or unreadable data, or are sent after 12:00 noon(German time), May 10th, 2014, will not be considered valid.

Intransgressible or peremptory conditions to which applicants guarantee and respond when submitting the project are:

1. The project must be original, not a copy or result of plagiarism.

2. The project must not be under any property rights, royalty rights, or copyrighted.

The jury may, unquestionably, exclude any project from the selection that does not comply with the above terms.

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences does not assume any responsibility for conditions that are not imputable to it and that shall compromise the project remittance, such as malfunctioning of electronic devices.

Applicants authorize their personal data to be used in compliance to the law D.L. 196, dated June 30th, 2003.

The material remitted by the applicants will not be returned and may be used freely by Macromedia University of Applied Sciences, without any economic charges.

Projects published on the website www.macromedia-future-award.com will be subject to comments, public appraisals and voting sped up exclusively for statistical aims.

Voting period: 16.05.2014 – 08.06.2014 (12:00 AM, German time).

To avoid multiple votes for a single project from one visitor, voters need to register (with name and e-mail address) in order to participate in the voting process. A user is not allowed to vote more than once for any single project.

Any suspected or deliberate attempt to manipulate, or otherwise fraudulently tamper with the voting process, may result in disqualification of the participating project. Fraudulent tampering includes but is not limited to:

1. Offering any type of inducement or compensation (monetarily or otherwise) to any third party, in exchange for a vote or the promise to vote;

2. Using a vote exchange or brokering website/application to exchange votes in an attempt to manipulate the outcome of the voting;

3. Votes generated by a macro, script, bot or other fraudulent means in an attempt to manipulate the outcome voting.


3. Evaluation

The project evaluation will be conducted by homepage visitors, a jury composed of representatives of Macromedia University of Applied Sciences and of an honorary panel of professional network partners.

Award Categories:

“Audience Award”: (2.039 Euro prize money) will be decided upon highest number of positive public votes (in the period from 16.05.2014 to 08.06.2014).

(Any suspected or deliberate attempt to manipulate, or otherwise fraudulently tamper with the voting process, may result in disqualification of the participating project).

“Jury Awards”:

Best vision (1.000 Euro prize money).

Best visualization (400 Euro prize money).

Best video-clip (400 Euro prize money).

Best story/concept (400 Euro prize money).

Best mixed media project (400 Euro prize money).

Best games/interaction project (400 Euro prize money).


Jury evaluation criteria are:

1. Originality of the idea/work.

2. Quality of presentation/implementation.

Each criteria will be evaluated on a 0 – 10 points scale (0 = failed; 10 = outstanding). Top projects with equal results will be further evaluated on their overall excellence.

The final evaluation will be made by the jury members (early in June). Winners will be notified by e-mail or phone by a Macromedia representative.


4. Disputes

Any eventual dispute shall be presented to the Academic Senate of the Faculty at Macromedia University of Applied Sciences. The conciliation without any judicial intervention will take place in Munich. The Senate will decide 120 days after the dispute is opened. Both parties must be willing to fulfill the judge’s decision immediately.

Place of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany, regardless of the law of conflicts to the contrary in any jurisdiction.


5. Technical requirements

You may submit up to 5 pictures, scans or drawings of the concept. Digital images must be supplied in jpeg 72 dpi format with a minimum width of 600 pixel, optimized for the web (maximum 2MB file size).

The candidate can submit a link to a video previously uploaded on youtube.com, vimeo.com, prezi.com or an attachment in .doc .pdf .ppt or .keynote format (maximum 2MB file size).


6. Submit your projects: How-To

Step 1: Register yourself at www.macromedia-future-award.com

Step 2: Submit your concept online (available after step 1 is done any time after login).