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Our Concept

It is the break of dawn. Alongside with the smooth sunbeams flooding the room gently, a weeping electronic voice gives the reminder to get up. The smooth scent of coffee beans and a healty breakfast fills the room and the water in the shower is heated to the perfect temperature for the individual. Next to it a perfectly planned cosy outfit is generated and handed out. An automatized morning in the year 2039.

We are currently set in the fully automatic flat of Stanley, born in 2017. Right after he was born his individual talents were discovered and continuously promoted. From the beginning of his academic career he was schooled to work in cooperative taskforces. Talents are mixed together in an advantageous groups. Everyone is individually specialized due to their nature, e.g. Stanley is a tech-brain, because in his childhood he has shown the ability to get the grasp of technology easily. Coming from this the creative innovations of mankind skyrocketed over the years. Daily life is ubiquitously technologized by the digital assistant “Suru”. To function it has to be fed by big data generated by implanted gadgets, wearable technology and the e-Home. Everyday chores are done automatically. Doing the dishes, housekeeping and folding your shirts became a problem of the past.




A dawning of a new era is about to come: humans are not going to be capable to deal with their daily routines anymore, if technology is absent.

How can this unfortunate situation be dealt with? To us there is a fairly simple solution applicable. A new service is about to be promoted. We want you to disconnect. Get down and out. And chill with us. Everyone deserves to live idenpendently in a fully automatized world. We want you to come to us and hang out.

We want you to ritualize the independence with us. Away from the daily service bots supporting you. Life is a beach, not a platine.

Consider being offline as a service. You can impress your peers by your analogue skills. Celebrate your vintage attitude, deep dive into a world worthy to be explored, far away from being wired and automatized.

Even if this might appear odd in the first place, the abilities you can, but you do not have to know, are going to make life appealing. It is your choice. Imagine yourself set on a beach at dusk. Salty waves of fresh air reaching your nostrils, you can breathe freely again. With the lowering sun the cold creeps onto you. A campfire seems to be attractive, not a projection of it. The crackling of the fire and the heat give you the feeling of achievement. Alongside, lying on your back, you identify the different zodiacs, wondering why your bound to such a golden cage in your daily routines.

This is the magic, pure technology cannot deliver. Reclaim your Brain!

One Response to “uBreak”

  1. bkleinselbeck says:

    Great job, good luck !

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