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Project presentation: U-Wear2039.pdf


What will clothes look like in 2039? How smart will they be? What features will they have? will we control our clothes or will they control us? What about accessories? Will all our belongings connect with the internet? Will our clothes know everything about us, from medical conditions to feelings? Do we even want that?

Those are just some of the questions we dealed with during the process of this project. Finally, we came out with a video of a daily routine in 2039 and a detailed description of how a future-smart-jacket might function and look like. Not only clothes, but also our living space, medical innovations and the way we think will most definitely change in the nearer future. To get more information, check out the projects uBorg, uHome and uBreak.

4 Responses to “uWear”

  1. Keith Perkins says:

    I confirm I am not a spammer and that I have no commercial interest, but I do see warrantable effort in this project.

  2. Frank Nerz says:

    Second try, i like this projekt but not this fucking response shit

    • nourhan says:

      Hey Frank, could you explain your problem please, I might be able to help.. :) Nour

  3. Conny Nerz says:

    Really nice

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